Under dev

Name: Salem Diamond

Number/function: Magician

Life: Salem was the youngest son to a prestigious family, and born without vision in one eye. He was afflicted with a disease that took away most of the movement his legs, now having to rely on crutches for short periods of time or give up walking completely.
His parents favored his older brother to him, and were often cold and indifferent to Salem. Despite this, Salem’s older brother was always kind to him and would even protect him from their family’s criticisms from time to time.
Confined to a life in the house, Salem found refuge in the book collection of the house. Outside his studies, Salem also found time for his hobby, amateur illusionism, which he would often perform to his brother.
Speaking of his brother, Salem’s favorite activity was when he’d sit with him and listen to his stories, tales of lands neither have seen, they brought color and warmth to Salem’s world, and fed his drive for knowledge.