^^ made this while sick aha... you can really feel the fever emanating from the colors // assigned song: Eat - Jack Conte

oh, you again

^^ assigned song: Taking What's Not Yours - TV Girl

[UNDER DEV] wowiee not a lot of stuff around here yet! come back another time
song of the day/month/week/whatever:
my boy - csh

(23/03/2024): wow what the hell happened here haha. long time no see

(02/03/2024): i feel insane. completely insane. i dont know how to describe it any other way. insane, alienated, unbalanced, i dont recognize my own thoughts. my mind feels like a stranger's. i'm tired and i can't tell what's wrong with me.

(16/02/2024): HRRHGERHRTGHRHHHHHHRTHGT back again to try again to make this website feel like home whopee

(05/02/2024): wow i really only write here when i feel bad whoops ill change the blog section somewhere else eventually just hold on great plans in the works

(05/02/2024): tough to edit a website about me when i currently want to disappear ! been feeling a bit downer lately, might take a break. not a very long one bcuz i am addicted to writing silly code for my silly little pages
Wondering wether or not i should really make a diary page considering the only times ill ever remember to update it is when im feeling down

(31/01/2024): play stupid games win stupid prizes..... still i feel like burying my head in the dirt in shame

(26/01/2024): feeling lonely mostly. thinking of making a diary section and or pages dedicated to my friends
Dont know what to do with this page anymore, dont know what to do with this site anymore. site overhaul soon?

(03/01/2024): BROOOOO i wanna disappear, this website makes me so nervous i know nothing about neocities culture. i don't know if i'm doing something wrong wahh i'm so scared i'll upset hundreds of hypothetical people in my brain for what i might consider a silly mistake it makes me so nervous

(30/12/2023): huh i just now realize this song hits pretty close to home

(24/12/2023): not feeling very christmas-ey as of now yipee !! despite sleeping relatively early yesterday and waking up relatively late today i do not feel very energized at all! both physically and spiritually! perhaps this shall change later today as the festivities actually begin... but right now i feel the same boredom ingrained in my soul! i feel like either sleeping or doing something on my computer and being as antisocial as i usually am. More on this as it develops.

(23/12/2023): dysphoria's really kicking my ass these last two days fr. Whoa and christmas eve is tomorrow !! i think it hasn't sunk in yet how close the year is to ending, or maybe it just hasn't made a difference. I think my lack of proper sleep is catching up to me... i feel high on life- well at least i'll fall asleep quickly tonite and hopefully have more energy tomorrow for socializing ~~